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When I was 8 years old my father (a keen nature photographer) gave me a box brownie, after which I promptly got on my bike and photographed Mr. Thompsons horses eating grass over the fence. (I still have this picture) Four years later my father (under his guidance and tuition) let me use his tool shed as a make shift darkroom, thus my interest for photography was instilled

During the early 1970’s I spent several weeks in Singapore photographing the contrasting conditions between city and jungle life,  during this visit I discovered photographing life/people immensely satisfying,
my camera had now progressed to a Canon SLR which was my pride and joy

On returning to New Zealand I applied my new found photojournalistic interest to my first ever
wedding shoot, I loved it and couldn’t wait to develop my film and print my pictures...all in black
and white. It took me ages to do but what a buzz from it all! Suddenly I saw the world with
different eyes, what had been a hobby turned into a passion

With the introduction of the digital camera, photographers are offered choices that were not even
dreamed of in the days of film, today all my photography is shot using ultra fine (finer than film)
"Full Frame 35mm Digital" to ensure your wedding images are the highest possible quality

To keep up with new and upcoming technologies I regularly attend the latest digital photographic
courses. Over time my dark room with its chemicals, smells and running water has given way to
the digital darkroom and Adobe® Photoshop® technology......this is a very exciting age to be in

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